Hi my name is Tanja

I was born 04/12/1980 in Denmark


My interest in photography goes back a lot of years, and it has only grown, and I love to learn new techniques.


I work a lot with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I use Sony a 77II camera to photograph with.


I love photographers horses, but I also like to take photo's of birds or other animals that live wild in the Danish nature, but the big an wild animals have an incredibly fascinating attractiveness even though most big predators in Denmark live in a zoo, but I just love to take pictures of the zoo animals and study them.


I like pictures showing behavior.


However I would also like to see animals in their natural surroundings.


Nature is also a lovely place for photographers, it is an area with a lot of possibilities.


However, I also like photographers architecture, or take a city tour and photographers street photo, and art.


I like being creative when I take pictures :)


I am a member of the photo club (Albertslund Fotoklub)

One thing i'm really happy about



E-mail: post"@"tehs.dk